Validation of a SPH-FEM Model for Seal Dynamics of Surface Effect Ships

Yang, Q., Jones, V., Kumar, P., and McCue, L., “Validation of a SPH-FEM Model for Seal Dynamics of Surface Effect ShipsNaval Engineers Journal, Volume 125, Number 4, December 2013.


Underwater Gas Expansion and Deflagration

The underwater combustion of a propane-air mixture in an acrylic cylinder is captured on the video linked here from multiple angles. This experiment, led by Van Jones with assistance from Kariann Vander Pol and John Gilbert, is designed to provide visual data and pressure time-histories for future CFD validation studies. We have submitted this to the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics gallery of fluid motion competition this year! More information, including an extended abstract and higher resolution version of the video can be found at:

Van Jones

Van is a Hokie through and through having completed all his degrees at Virginia Tech. Van’s PhD research focuses on using particle based CFD to study a host of naval engineering problems with an emphasis on computational aspects to particle-based codes. He is the resident computer scientist on the research team. For more details on Van’s work, click on the tag ‘Jones‘ on this site.