Tom Battista

Tom Battista is joining the team, co-advised by Prof. Craig Woolsey, working on dynamics and control of submarines in waves (for example, at periscope depth or surfaced).  Tom is also campaigning for the best research team member photo.




Stephanie Sherman

Stephanie Sherman rounds out the aerospace side of our aerospace and ocean engineering team with her research toward using a particle-based approach toward air traffic simulation with a focus on stochastic uncertainties and comparing centralized versus decentralized control schemes.



Van Jones

Van is a Hokie through and through having completed all his degrees at Virginia Tech. Van’s PhD research focuses on using particle based CFD to study a host of naval engineering problems with an emphasis on computational aspects to particle-based codes. He is the resident computer scientist on the research team. For more details on Van’s work, click on the tag ‘Jones‘ on this site.


Michele Cooper

Michele is a PhD student studying approaches to verification and validation of code.  This work has her covering the range from experimental, to numerical, to analytical work.  Her broad background also maker her the team’s defacto expert on everything from theology to health and nutrition.  Posts highlighting Michele’s work can be found by searching on the tag ‘Cooper‘ on this site.