Undergrad researcher Cheryl Blanchard wraps up commercial fishing sleep monitoring device prototyping effort

Cheryl did great work during the Spring term of 2021 looking at developing a purpose-built device to measure sleep aboard a fishing vessel, taking into consideration constraints we’ve seen with commercial off the shelf devices. Check out her presentation at: https://celebration.oscar.gmu.edu/development-of-a-prototype-sleep-monitoring-device-for-use-in-the-commercial-fishing-environment/.

Rob Story, MS

W. Robert Story, MS thesis “Application of Lyapunov Exponents to Strange Attractors and Intact & Damaged Ship Stability,” successfully defended April 29, 2009. Recipient of the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools’ ETD Master’s Thesis Award in the “Innovative Application of Technology to Scholarship in a Master’s Thesis” category.  For more on Rob’s work, click on the tag ‘Story‘ on this site.