David Allen, MS

David Allen wrapped a nice bow around the EUROPA project work with his MS thesis defended in October of 2014.  His thesis is available online here.


From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Our NASA NIAC project to explore Europa is featured in the newly released NASA 360 video From Science Fiction to Science Fact!  The entire video is great, and Europa specifically is discussed at 2:25 in.


EUROPA team visits JPL Europa team

What do Europa geeks do for spring break? Go to JPL of course! Shown here is the VT EUROPA team: Craig Woolsey, David Allen, Matt Jones, and me pictured outside the Space Flight Operations Facility with our gracious host, Ray Crum. It was a wonderful, educational, and far too short visit. I hope we will be teaming with JPL on this more down the road!


NIAC EUROPA Project Press

The NIAC Europa project I’m working on with Profs Craig Woolsey and Bill Moore, graduate student David Allen, and undergraduate Matt Jones, has gotten some exciting press, including appearing in Time’s Techland website!  To learn more about the project, visit http://www.unmanned.vt.edu/europa.  This mission architecture image is adapted from a NASA JPL image of Europa’s ice crust and ocean.