SCraMP Release 3.13

I am often asked if SCraMP can be useful on big ships as well as the small craft, for which it is named.  My answer is always a resounding yes!  There is nothing in the code that would confine it to small craft, and indeed, I have tried to make it as customizable as possible to suit a range of needs.  With that in mind, the latest SCraMP release, hitting the app store today (, adds two new safety metrics, one to help identify possible parametric roll conditions and one to provide guidance as to whether or not conditions might be making passengers sensitive to motion sickness.  As always, if you have suggestions for app improvements or feedback on SCraMP v3.13, I am eager to hear from SCraMPers.



4 thoughts on “SCraMP Release 3.13

  1. Hi Leigh, any help you could offer on getting access to the data files when using SCraMP on an iPad pro? I am installing it onboard a factory trawler to capture motion data and need to be able to have the vessel crew download the large data files onto a flash drive and send them to me.
    Thanks! John

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