ComFish Inspired Improvements

The ComFish expo was a great experience for me!  I’ve implemented two changes that directly relate to comments I got at ComFish.  First–you now have the option for audible alarms–you can chose to have my lovely voice nag you directly, or the sound of a pot being hit with a wood spoon.  (Hey, it’s a free app, I’m making my own sound effects!)  Second–I made this universal for iPads.  Many folks commented that they wished they had a bigger screen for this.  One option is to hook up your iPhone to a monitor using an Apple VGA adapter (this only works for iPhone 4S and iPad2 or newer devices), another option is to use an iPad.  So, now it should look quite a bit prettier on an iPad then it did before.

SCraMP v3.7

SCraMP 3.7 is in the app store (free, as always).  Based on user requests, v3.7 has a compass and heading information.  Also included, for my data acquisition users, is a choice of coordinate systems.  The API implementation by Apple is an earth fixed coordinate system (some of you may have noticed this if you were playing with the app at large angles), so now you have a choice of a body-fixed system (i.e., what roll/pitch/yaw usually mean to boat or airplane people) or the earth-fixed system.  Last, but certainly not least, the app now stores your preferences.  For example–enter your boat’s beam once and be done with it; no more having to enter that every time you re-launch the app and want to use the GM estimate!  As always, I’m eager to hear your feedback: